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~ Mary Disharoon, MFT
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I’ve touched on this topic in my blogs by describing an affair as a theft, a criminal act. When you have a surreptitious affair while you’re still in a committed monogamous relationship, you have committed a crime against your personal integrity as well against your partner from whom you’ve stolen choices. Most people committing adultery […]

Thank you: The Most Important Two Words in a Relationship

How often do you say a heartfelt, sincere, not just a perfunctory thank you to anyone, especially to your partner? Probably not often enough. In recent years, thank yous have gone out of fashion. We’re no longer surprised if we don’t get a thank you note for a wedding gift or a thank you email […]

Money Demons in your Relationship

Conflicts around money are the number one reason why couples get divorced. While it’s impossible to be in agreement with your partner about every aspect concerning your finances, you can prevent money issues from breaking your relationship apart. Read more…

Difficult relationships cartoon

Connectivity versus Connection

Technology has indubitably changed how humans interact. In my classes people, young and old, talk about feeling isolated even though they use Facebook and their cell phones for many hours per day.

Human connectivity and connection are miles apart in how they feel. It’s ironic that the more connectivity we have via the internet, the less connection actually exists. Connectivity can lead to disconnection if you end up spending more time in cyberspace than you do in real physical space with other humans.


Arguments and Triggers

What are emotional triggers that set off arguments? If your partner’s behavior or a statement that he or she makes remind you of something from your past that you haven’t resolved, you’ll get upset. You’ll react instead of respond.

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