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I am a relationship trainer, blogger, and author. My blog uses humor in marriage cartoons and practical, real-life examples to navigate through some of the challenges inherent in every long-term relationship. Since 2002 I have helped transform hundreds of relationships, including my own. And I can help yours, too. Read more here.

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~ Mary Disharoon, MFT
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How Not To Be Single

The perennial question for singles is — “How can I meet Mr. or Ms. Right if I can’t even get a date?” Singles of all ages are sick and tired of online dating sites. According to my eighty-year-old friend who has been married and single on and off throughout her life, the most important advice is to be proactive. What does that mean? Read her suggestions here.

Loving For Keeps marriage cartoon – how to save a relationship: are you a narcissist?

Are You A Narcissist?

All humans are at least a little bit selfish because we want what we want. How we go about getting what we want puts us on a narcissistic continuum.

When it comes to relationships, it’s important to know where you stand on the narcissistic spectrum. If you were raised by a narcissistic parent, you probably will perpetuate some narcissistic tendencies. It’s impossible not to, but you can also mitigate them.

Loving For Keeps marriage cartoon – how to save a relationship: feigning ignorance

Divorce – A Poem About Personal Growth

If you’ve ever been divorced or are thinking of it, please read the following exquisite poem entitled: THE DIVORCE by Zara Raab All those years, I didn’t listen when you complained of discontent, your frustration with me, your burden, but prattled on, and overspent, spoiling the children on ribbons and satin. I listened only to […]

Loving For Keeps marriage cartoon – how to save a relationship: telling the truth

Lies Are Part of Every Long-Term Relationship

You actually can’t be human in a relationship without hiding something about what you do/did or who you are/were. It’s a natural instinct. Hiding is how we humans survive.

Loving For Keeps marriage cartoon – how to save a relationship: my partners annoying habits

What To Do About Annoying Habits

When you hear yourself complaining about one of your partner’s habits time and time again, stop and ask yourself: Why does it bother me?

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